Setting the standard for ethical men’s clothing

Recognised around the world for our iconic styles, high-quality materials and modern approaches, Calvin Klein is proud to introduce our latest range of innovative and influential fashion — introducing our range of men’s sustainable clothing. By repurposing waste fabric that was destined for landfill and creating new, recycled cotton fibres, we are able to create a wide range of men’s and women’s clothing in a sustainable and conscious way.

The pivotal point where consciousness meets comfort

Created so our conscious customers can wear sustainable garments from head to toe, we have designed and created a wide range of ethical men’s clothing. From the everyday staples like shirts, pants and socks to sustainable accessories like bags and belts, you’ll find all your favourite Calvin Klein items in their new conscious form.

Browse our sustainable t-shirts and underwear in the same iconic CK colours and classic cuts or buy our comfortable and sustainable jogger shorts for days lounging at home, or denim and cotton sustainable shorts for days out in the sun. Whatever you need — you can find it in our sustainable range today and feel certain you’re making a positive difference with every purchase.

Shop our range of sustainable men’s clothing today

Whether you're in need of wardrobe staples or looking to add some of the latest trends to your rotation, enjoy the same iconic Calvin Klein style and quality but now with a fully sustainable twist. With a wide range of colours, designs and details, every man can partake in more responsible shopping — shop our range online today and enjoy free shipping across Australia on all orders over $100.

For more information about our fashion-forward and sustainable approach to clothing, get in touch with us today!