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The CALVIN KLEIN t-shirt is a staple of any man’s wardrobe.

When your brand has become almost synonymous with super-stylish, ultra-casual t-shirts, you know that you must be doing something right – but any fashion-forward man knows that high street store pieces simply won’t cut it. Casual doesn’t have to mean un-stylish – in fact, this idea is part of the foundation of Calvin Klein. We pioneered the idea of men’s designer t-shirts so that you can step out in a comfortable classic while maintaining an undeniable sense of style.
The look of a Calvin Klein t-shirt is timeless. Naturally, we offer our established favourites including the ‘CK’ logo, ‘Calvin Klein Jeans’ prints and the subtle embroidered monogram or plain-tee. For those craving something a little more original, we offer a range of prints carefully chosen to maintain the look of upscale style. With regular fit, slim fit and relaxed styles, you’ll also be able to find a t-shirt that will give you the precise fit you’re looking for.
You’ll also be able to find men's t-shirts for whatever activity you may need them for. Beyond the classic tee, Calvin Klein offers moisture-wicking active tees, tank tops, semi-casual chest pocket tees and more. To make it even easier for you to find that perfect shirt, our t-shirts for men come in a range of premium quality fabrics including cotton, polyester and even linen.
For the best in men’s t-shirt shopping online in Australia, look no further than Calvin Klein. Our men’s size guide will ensure that you’re choosing the perfect size t-shirt every time. Don’t forget to check out the Men’s Sale section for amazing deals on designer t-shirts. Questions? Contact us today, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to help out.


The right pair of men’s trunks can do wonders for your comfort. Calvin Klein has a massive collection of men’s clothing online. You can’t go wrong buying men’s trunks online with Calvin Klein. We have sold some of the most comfortable underwear to men around the world for over 50 years.

When you buy online with Calvin Kelin, you will get the most comfortable fit possible. You can say goodbye to scratchy underwear and trunks that didn’t fit properly. Ours are designed specifically for your comfort.

We sell a very wide range of men’s underwear. They come in different colours and prints. Whether you are looking for regular trunks, boxer shorts, briefs or sleepwear, you will find something that matches your style. However, our classic trunks tend to be most popular with men. They are shorter than most boxer briefs and are more form fitting. They are the perfect compromise for men that enjoy the fit of boxer briefs without the extra material pressing against their legs.

You can find cotton stretch trunks, micro low-rise trunks, microfiber trunks, evolution trunks and much more. Calvin Klein is globally renowned for our breadth of options, as well as the quality of our designs.

We are also proud of our flexible purchasing options for our valued customers. You can find Calvin Klein trunks at retail outlets all over Australia. However, it is not necessary to visit a store when you have other options available. You can always make your purchases online as well.

Purchase men’s trunks online
Calvin Klein is a leading supplier of men’s trunks online. When you need a new pair, they are just a click away. Check out our FAQs page to learn more or call us on 1300 991 478 for more information about shopping online at Calvin Klein.

Sleepwear + Loungewear
Sleepwear + Loungewear
Relax in style with our men’s sleepwear and loungewear.
When you want to look and feel good, this extends to every area of your life. Even when you’re relaxing at home or going to bed, you want clothes which look stylish as well as feeling comfortable and well-made.
Calvin Klein offers everything today’s man needs to relax in style, with an exclusive collection of men’s sleepwear and loungewear.
The finest quality men’s pyjamas.
Men’s pyjamas have come a long way from the boring garments of the past. These days, what you wear in bed makes a true style statement. Whether you’re relaxing alone or dressing to impress, you’ll always feel good in nightwear from one of the world’s leading designer labels.
Our collection includes styles to suit all tastes. Choose from sleep shorts in a variety of different fits, styles and colours, long-sleeved and short-sleeved tops, and comfortable lounge pants, all crafted from the highest quality materials and bearing the iconic Calvin Klein logo.
Our lounge pants can be worn with our famous t-shirts to create the perfect casual look for a night in, while our shorts are just as comfortable in the backyard on a summer’s evening as they are in bed. You’ll be renowned as a man of good taste, no matter who you’re entertaining!
And, if you want to extend the excellent quality to the rest of your underwear collection, you can, with boxers,briefs,trunks and more, all in a variety of cuts and sizes to suit your personal preferences.
Buy men’s sleepwear online.
It’s never been easier to have top-quality sleepwear delivered directly to your door, with our fast, secure online payment system. We deliver across the whole of Australia, and offer completely free shipping on all orders over $100. Now is the ideal time to refresh your sleepwear wardrobe and relax in style!
Shop our men’s sleepwear collection here, and bring a leading fashion label into your home life.
Sweatshirts + Hoodies
Sweatshirts + Hoodies

Because one style of sweatshirt definitely doesn't fit every outfit. Whether it’s a bit chilly outside, or you’re just needing that extra bit of warm comfort for a night in, our men’s designer sweatshirts and designer hoodies mean you can get your comfort on in style. No matter the temperature or the occasion, you’ll always have the perfect option at your (now much warmer) fingertips.
A hoodie doesn’t have to be a baggy, shapeless and utilitarian piece of clothing meant to be hidden underneath a jacket. With your choice of pullover or full-zip hoodies for men, a complementary fit and effortless style is at the top of our design priorities – as well as functionality. Our sleeveless hoodies, for instance, are perfect for training hard during colder winter months. 100% pure cotton means the perfect balance of warmth and breathability.
Our sweatshirts for men, meanwhile, come in an even wider variety of styles, cuts and prints – because one style of sweatshirt definitely doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) fit every outfit or occasion. The simple crew neck t-shirt is perfect for a casual combination with your favourite denim, while our classic V-neck sweatshirts are great when going for something minimalist yet a bit more elegant (e.g over a white t-shirt or collared button-up shirt). Planning an athletic winter evening? Calvin Klein full zip hoodies give you the look as well as easy removal when the game starts getting spirited.
Wish you could find yourself a stylish sweatshirt for every temperature in one place? Well, no need to wish any longer. With 100% cotton for milder days, our fleece options, as well as our always in-demand merino wool sweaters, mean you can completely forego the extra hassle of a jacket if you prefer when the temperature dips.
Instead of spending an entire day browsing racks in hopes of a few good finds, have a quick scan through our sweaters & hoodies section where you’re bound to find multiple winning options in one place. So that there are no surprises when they arrive, our accurate yet easy to use men’s size guide makes sure you get the perfect fit. To help you add even more options to your sweater rack, peruse our men’s sale page for amazing deals on our high-quality fashion sweatshirts and hoodies. And don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our huge selection, shipping options or any other concern.


The perfect pair of shoes can do wonders for your confidence. Calvin Klein has one of the widest selections of men’s accessories in Australia. You can buy men’s footwear for any occasion. We regularly add new shoes to our inventory. You can find sneakers, slip-ons, loafers, boots and much more.

You can browse our incredibly vast selection of men’s clothing and footwear online to find the perfect pair of kicks. Do you need a new pair of athletic shoes for the basketball or tennis court? You can purchase our Dudley monogram sneaker to showcase your athletic talent. Are you looking for high-end shoes to go with your business attire? You may want to try our Karns Emboss leather loafers. We have numerous types of leather shoes online. They look great with Calvin Klein men's pants and men's jeans.

We have one of the most diverse selections of men’s footwear available, which makes us the perfect brand to buy men’s shoes from. We have plenty of classic style footwear for men that prefer a more conservative look. You can also find the most contemporary lines of footwear if you want to rock the latest look. Calvin Klein also sells the latest sandals to compliment your new pair of shorts.

We pride ourselves on the accessibility of our footwear, as well as the wide selection of options available. We have a diverse range of men’s footwear online so you can always find what you're looking for. Our shoes come in numerous silhouettes and colours, including black, white, tan, red, grey and orange. Our selection is constantly expanding to match the latest style trends.

Purchase men’s footwear online
You can buy casual shoes online for any occasion. Our men’s leather shoes have proven to be very popular. You can also browse our inventory of business footwear, sandals and other men’s footwear. Buy men’s footwear online today. We have something for every taste and budget.

Check out our FAQs page to learn more or call us on 1300 991 478 for more information about shopping online at Calvin Klein.


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