The search for ethical underwear for women is over

Committed to bold and progressive ideals, Calvin Klein is defying the expectations of men and women sustainable apparel and our range of women’s sustainable underwear is no exception.

The search for ethical underwear for women is over

The same loved, provocative and modern underwear cuts and styles are now also environmentally friendly. By using eco-cotton as well as repurposing unused fabric, our sustainable women’s underwear is produced responsibly and with minimal environmental impact. Made from 40% recycled polyester, the iconic thick waistbands also contribute to the sustainability of our range of ethically sourced underwear. So you can breathe easy when you slip into your favourite pair of Calvin Klein’s sustainable women’s underwear.

The same level of comfort with more environmental consciousness

Without compromising on ultimate comfort, you can shop your favourite briefs, thongs, and tangas in the same signature cuts, colourways and prints in our sustainable underwear range. The same goes for our bralettes and triangle bras — you can enjoy the same support and aesthetic as our original underwear range but with an added benefit of sustainability.

Women’s underwear that is good for you and the environment

As we strive to help change the world for the better and improve our products to make fashion a force of good, we are setting the standard for the future of sustainability. When you purchase ethical underwear for women or men from Calvin Klein, you aren’t just adding established, iconic items of clothing to your wardrobe, but making a difference in the greater scheme of things — reducing textile waste and supporting sustainably sourced fashion.

Order online today and enjoy free shipping Australia-wide on all overs over $100. If you have any questions about our corporate responsibility or range of sustainable women’s underwear, please reach out to us online.