Diverse and functional activewear for men.

Our men's activewear range is diverse. When you're breaking a sweat, you need clothes that'll support your efforts while keeping you comfortable. Whether you're a runner, you love to hit the weights, or you're somewhere in-between, our men's activewear is for you. At Calvin Klein, we make men's activewear shirts, sweat pants, and more. With super-fast shipping times, we'll help you access your gym gear rapidly so you can get back to your fitness routine in record time.

Men's activewear for all kinds of activities
If you're serious about your fitness regime, you need to find the right clothes to support it. Much like our underwear collection, it benefits from intricate designs that keep your comfort and functionality in mind. Whether you need the best men's activewear for pounding the streets in the rain or wind jackets for scaling new heights, you won't be disappointed with what we have in store. At Calvin Klein, we know our customers love to wear activewear even when they're not working out. Thanks to our iconic designs and branding, you'll feel stylish donning our gym gear on those days when you want to keep things casual. Our men's activewear shirts and t-shirts are perfect for reaching beyond the gym and into your everyday laidback ensembles. When paired with jeans from our men's clothing range, they'll form an essential part of your day-to-day wardrobe.

Making your shopping experience easier
Finding the right fit is vital when you're dressing for the gym. Using our size guide, you can find items that'll move with your every contour. We also want to make sure you're never left in the dark when it comes to shopping with us. Because of this, we've created a handy FAQ section that we hope answers all your questions. If you have any queries that aren't answered there, make sure you contact us.