Calvin Klein — jeans men loved for decades

Experience the transformative power of men's jeans at Calvin Klein. Dive into our diverse collection that encapsulates versatility, durability and designs echoing the latest fashion trends. Since our inception in 1968, Calvin Klein has been delivering premium fashion, gaining the endorsement of celebrities like Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman and Gerard Butler. Whether you're looking for the perfect pair of jeans for informal after-work drinks or something to tick the smart-casual dress code box, our collection won't disappoint. Browse our range today.

Navigating the denim spectrum — a design for every man

Defined by premium craftsmanship, bold designs and an absolute commitment to comfort, our jeans for men capture the essence of personal style, ensuring every man finds his perfect denim match.

Skinny jeans — Embrace the modernity and audacious spirit of our skinny jeans. These provide a form-fitting silhouette that perfectly marries sophistication with an undercurrent of rebellion. Ideal for a multitude of occasions, from casual weekend outings to vibrant nights out, they deliver an unmatched contemporary look.
90s straight jeans — Timeless and adaptable, these jeans for men seamlessly fit into any wardrobe, catering to both retro enthusiasts and those who appreciate a relaxed aesthetic.
Dad jeans — With a unique blend of comfort and coolness, our dad jeans champion a relaxed fit perfect for laid-back events. Echoing a vintage-inspired aesthetic, they exude a nostalgic charm while providing the effortless comfort that characterises the 'dad' trend.
Slim jeans — Our slim jeans strike the perfect balance between a snug fit and relaxed feel. These men’s jeans are expertly crafted to be your everyday wear heroes, offering dependability and style in equal measure. They're your go-to choice for creating diverse, modern looks.
Slim tapered jeans — A harmonious blend of comfort and contemporary fashion, our slim tapered jeans for men feature a unique fit. Starting wide at the hips and narrowing down towards the ankle, they provide a silhouette perfect for the style-conscious man. These jeans embody modern fashion trends, providing a stylish edge to any ensemble.

Celebrate the versatility of men’s jeans with Calvin Klein

Join the likes of celebrities worldwide and make Calvin Klein's men's jeans a staple in your fashion repertoire. Made with style, comfort and quality, our jeans not only enhance your look but also redefine modern menswear's landscape. Experience the endless styling possibilities that come with every pair of Calvin Klein men's jeans today. Shop now and enjoy free shipping for orders over $100.