Girls Underwear


Any piece of underwear you buy should ensure comfort. At Calvin Klein Australia, we have varied a range of girls underwear for your teenage daughter. Whilst most girls want unique underwear designs to showcase their individuality and style, they still need undies that feel comfortable. Calvin Klein offers a wide selection of underwear and girl’s clothing designs, featuring soft fabrics and high-quality materials. Our range of girls boxer shorts and girls briefs feature a variety of sizes designed for different ages.

We offer a huge collection of undies for the girls and tots who love the latest TV character and cartoons. They can choose the fun and vibrant boxer brief styles featuring character motifs and cute designs. Boxers made from satin fibres tend to be comfortable, cool, and stylish - your girl can wear them during the hot days or on humid weather. With the elasticated waistbands, you are sure to find a set of boxers that fits your girl properly and feature colourful design. At Calvin Klein, we have everything you need to make your kids feel on-trend and supported.

Whether your daughter is ambling around in their first boxer briefs or your teenager is seeking the latest bra trends, we have a big range of undies to suit different ages. Our popular cotton briefs are designed of high-quality cotton to allow breathing and the soft feel on the skin. The hipster boxer shorts for older girls offer adequate comfort and style.

Buy girls underwear online at Calvin Klein and help your girls feel comfortable, confident, and stylish. Check out our FAQs page to learn more or call us on 1300 991 478 for information about shopping online at Calvin Klein.